• 50%more efficient

  • $2.3mannual running costs of street lighting

Currently, the Council spends more than $2.3 million a year lighting the city’s streets. Our streetlights use about 7.33 megawatts of electricity – enough energy to power several thousand homes.

LED lamps are more expensive than conventional ones, however, installing LEDs has the potential to reduce energy use – and costs – by more than 50 percent.

LED technology also brings numerous other benefits. It offers better visibility and therefore more safety than conventional street lighting. Light pollution is also reduced as LEDs can be controlled – allowing lights to be dimmed when they are not needed, or lighting levels to be increased in areas of high demand. LEDs also last much longer than conventional lights, are easier to maintain, and are less harmful to the environment.

LEDs have already been successfully trialled on Courtenay Place. We are looking at rolling out more in stages across the city.

The introduction of new, smart LEDs connected to the internet may also provide an opportunity for an improved city Wi-Fi network that could be used for other initiatives.


We are looking at rolling out LED street lighting on an ongoing basis.

How much?

We have set aside $200,000 to develop the plan for switching to LEDs.

Key projects in our plan