• $45mbudget

96225 0009 cycling

Like other well-connected cities, we plan to encourage a greater uptake of cycling. Cars can provide flexibility for many journeys, but can also be inefficient, requiring parking space and creating congestion, especially at peak times. A cycling network would increase the carrying capacity of our roads while improving our health and environment. By encouraging people to use active modes such as cycling, we reduce the congestion for other road users.

Implementing cycleways in Wellington has its challenges because we are retrofitting them into established streets. Because of the city’s narrow and winding streets, some road or footpath space must be reallocated. This may mean prioritising cycle lanes or cycle parking over on-street car parking in some areas.

The network will span the city with routes connecting suburbs to the central city. The plan is to roll it out over the next decade.


Ongoing over the next 10 years.

How much?

$45 million budgeted over the 10 years of the Long-term Plan.

Key projects in our plan