• $82.4mTotal cost of whole proposal

Aerial view of a group of people walking cross Civic Square

This creates an opportunity to refurbish and revitalise the square, opening it up to a wider range of uses. We can also improve links with surrounding buildings and streets to make the square more lively and attractive.

Key aspects of the proposed revitalisation plan include:

  • earthquake-strengthening the Town Hall and Central Library, the office buildings currently occupied by the Council, and possibly the Capital E space.
  • establishing a national music hub in the Town Hall and Michael Fowler Centre, and potentially other spaces in the precinct
  • leasing Jack Ilott Green and the Michael Fowler Centre car park sites (and possibly the Municipal Office Building) long-term to allow construction of new buildings or site redevelopment, with income used to offset earthquake-strengthening costs
  • upgrading Civic Square and improving links with surrounding streets, and where possible providing green open space to compensate for the loss of Jack Ilott Green.

The proposed lease of the Town Hall, Jack Illott Green and Michael Fowler Centre car park (and possibly the Municipal Office Building) will require specific Council approval because they are listed as Strategic Assets in the Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy.

To allow the Council to dispose of these sites by way of a long-term lease, the Council has followed the decision-making and consultation requirements outlined in section 97 of the Local Government Act 2002.


There is currently no specific timeline or plan in place.

How much?

We have budgeted $82.4 million of operational and capital expenditure for Civic Square revitalisation over the 10 years of the Long-term Plan.

Key projects in our plan